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Do you need a Time Clock?

No matter how big or small your business, lost time costs you money.

Just one staff member writing in a couple of minutes they haven’t worked can soon add up to huge costs. Not only are you paying wages for the hours not worked, there is also the cost of lost production. 
While Some staff members may be deliberately dishonest when writing down their hours worked, more often the “close enough” attitude is to blame for time lost. e.g. 7:33am will be written on the time sheet as a 7:30am start time. A small amount, that soon adds up to big costs for your business.

Just 5 minutes per staff member per day = 25 minutes lost time per week

Multiply that by 48 working weeks per year =  1200 minutes or 20 hours of lost time per person per year.


Cost of wages and overheads per hour

Yearly Cost with 1

Staff member


Yearly Cost with 5

Staff members

Yearly Cost with 10

Staff members

Yearly Cost with  20

Staff member

$16.50 $330.00 $1650.00 $3300.00 $8250.00
$21.00 $420.00 $2100.00 $4200.00 $10,500.00
$27.00 $540.00 $2700.00 $5400.00 $13,500.00
$35.00 $700.00 $3500.00 $7000.00 $17,500.00


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